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DIY Safety Pin & Pearl Necklace

I’ve already gotten a bunch of compliments on this at work so I think it’s time for me to post it so you can get some too! There’s a lot of safety pin… Continue reading

DIY Door Hinge & Chain Necklace

  So I’ve seen quite a bit of jewelry made from things from the hardware store. Two of those being bracelets made from door hinges (which I’ve actually DIY-ed myself, you’ll see them… Continue reading

DIY Glitter Triangle Earrings

This is a very simple DIY project! Inspired by silver glitter triangle earrings from Asos. Mine look a lot better in person, the photos don’t do them justice!¬†Wishing I’d taken more time to… Continue reading

DIY Wooden Bar Necklace

I thought this necklace¬†by Laura Lombardi (for $115!) would make a great DIY! If you follow my blog then you’ve already seen my ring based off of this design. If you haven’t seen… Continue reading

DIY Wooden Star Constellation Bib Necklace

A beautiful constellation around your neck! I had to think of something to do with the giant bag of wooden stars I had laying around! I still have enough to make about ten… Continue reading

DIY Gold Seashell Ring

This is my version of the Fortalezza Shell Ring, selling for $225. Look below for my simple tutorial! Supplies: Shell Gold metallic paint (I didn’t use the fabric paint pictured, I tried, and… Continue reading