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DIY Lace Earrings

I did these earrings a bit before I started this blog so no ‘step’ photos. But I wanted to share my version of the, originally I believe, Anthropology lace earrings. Look below and… Continue reading

DIY Glitter Triangle Earrings

This is a very simple DIY project! Inspired by silver glitter triangle earrings from Asos. Mine look a lot better in person, the photos don’t do them justice! Wishing I’d taken more time to… Continue reading

DIY Fake Bullet Casing and Stone Earrings

So I’ve been seeing all these jewelry pieces lately that involve bullet casings. Most of them have some sort of stone or something inside, so I thought up these easy DIY straw earrings!… Continue reading

DIY Geometric Nebula Earrings

The original earrings are from Drown Jewellery; click here for the rest of the collection. I wish I knew how much these earrings cost, but unfortunately I can’t find them anywhere. However, Alegorie has what I believe… Continue reading