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DIY Safety Pin & Pearl Necklace

I’ve already gotten a bunch of compliments on this at work so I think it’s time for me to post it so you can get some too! There’s a lot of safety pin… Continue reading

DIY Door Hinge & Chain Necklace

  So I’ve seen quite a bit of jewelry made from things from the hardware store. Two of those being bracelets made from door hinges (which I’ve actually DIY-ed myself, you’ll see them… Continue reading

DIY Geometric Necklace

  I love the geometric trend! This necklace is so easy to make! You could do it in all different colors, I think I may make one with silver, black, white, and grays… Continue reading

DIY Beaded Top

So this DIY is actually based off of a project that …love Maegan did. You can find the tutorial for hers here (which I’m going to refer you to because it’s a great… Continue reading

DIY Multi Chain Panja Bracelet

This is one of the other Panja bracelets I was telling you about. Number 2! And…the tutorial is basically the same as the other one here. Just connect everything and you’re good to go!… Continue reading

DIY Leather Bib Necklace

  This is a tutorial I based off of all those metal necklaces that look like this. Of course, I can’t make one out of metal, so I came up with this! Look… Continue reading

DIY Pearl Panja Bracelet

I’m back from the land of no electricity! (Okay, I have been since a week ago, but I’ve been super busy with work.) Nevertheless I’m back! And with so many DIY projects I… Continue reading

DIY Metal Bow Tie Necklace

This DIY is very similar to the collar necklace I made a few posts ago. It does look a little like a collar also…but it’s not! It’s a bowtie I swear! Anyway, this… Continue reading

DIY Chain Collar Necklace

So since these fake collar necklaces are so in style lately, I thought I’d make one for myself! It’s extremely easy and costs so much less than buying one! Look below for my… Continue reading

DIY Woven Bracelet

I apologize for not updating for a while! I’ve had a lot going on, but I should be posting more regularly again! I also went back and rephotographed so of my products and… Continue reading

DIY Chain Watch

This DIY is my version of Studs and Pearls’ genius Multi-Strand Chain Watch. The only thing I did differently was that I attached the chain ends directly to the watch face, rather than gathered… Continue reading

DIY Embellished Friendship Bracelets

I used to make these friendship bracelets all the time, but not like this! I’ve been seeing these all over lately so I thought I’d give it a shot! This won’t be a… Continue reading

DIY Lace Bracelets

So I was given a whole bunch of vintage lace trims by my grandma a while ago and I’ve been looking for things to do with them. Then I came up with this!… Continue reading

DIY Fringe & Chain Necklace

How awesome is this fringe necklace? And it’s super easy too! I got the fringe from M&J Trimming during my last trip to NYC. They have a bunch of DIY projects on their blog… Continue reading

DIY Lace Earrings

I did these earrings a bit before I started this blog so no ‘step’ photos. But I wanted to share my version of the, originally I believe, Anthropology lace earrings. Look below and… Continue reading