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DIY Nail Jewelry Holder

That’s right, ANOTHER jewelry display I haven’t shared yet. Last one I promise! I actually made this one a few years ago. It’s pretty simple, but it does involve some tools. Look below… Continue reading

DIY Lace Picture Frame Earring Holder

This is another jewelry holder I made a long time ago that I never posted a tutorial for. And stay tuned…there’s one more of these to come! This one is a simple earring… Continue reading

DIY Jewelry Tree

I actually made this a long time ago and just realized that I never made a tutorial on here! I did however do a very short one on my other blog. But anyway,… Continue reading

DIY Bottle Bracelet Displays

The inspiration for these bottle bracelet holders is from Decoratrix! I thought it was such a cute idea, but mine doesn’t look as nice as hers because I don’t have nearly as many… Continue reading

DIY Ring Holder Number 2

So yes, I know I’ve already done a tutorial for a DIY ring holder, don’t worry I’m not doing a second one. I just made this one and like it a lot more… Continue reading

DIY Branch Hooks

I’ve been waiting so long to share these with you guys! Now they’re finally hanging up and I can! So excited, I love them! They’re my new branch hooks for my room! It’s… Continue reading

DIY Cute Shoe Box Storage

So I always seem to have a ton of craft supplies and such laying around my room in ugly boxes, so I thought, why not make some containers that not only hold my… Continue reading

DIY Ring Holder Display

I made this DIY ring holder a while ago based off Peachfizzz‘s tutorial that you can find here. I took photos of the project as I was doing it, so I thought, why… Continue reading

DIY Cardboard Box Organizer

This is something I made for my sister as a present for her new apartment. It was originally supposed to be a make up organizer, but it could really be used as any… Continue reading

DIY Jewelry Displays

So this post is a general post about a bunch of jewelry displays I’ve made recently. I don’t have much of a photo tutorial for this one, but if you look just below… Continue reading