DIY Pearl Panja Bracelet

DIY Pearl Panja Bracelet

I’m back from the land of no electricity! (Okay, I have been since a week ago, but I’ve been super busy with work.) Nevertheless I’m back! And with so many DIY projects I did while the power was out. Anyway, I made…4 different versions of these Panja bracelets during that time. Here’s the first one! Stay tuned for the other 3!


  • Pliers
  • Chain
  • Clasp
  • Jump rings
  • Pearls (or other beads)
  • Eye pins

1) Make your chain of pearls: take an eye pin, put a pearl on, trim excess, make a loop at the end. Attach them all together until you get a length you like. Confession: I didn’t make the chain the pearls-I had it leftover from another piece of jewelry!

2) Take your chain and loop it around your finger to determine how long it needs to be. Trim at the length you want (larger is better than smaller).

3) Open the end loop of your pearl chain (or use a jump ring) and attach both ends of ring to it.

4) Next measure the chain around your wrist-trim once you’ve decided on the length.

5) Open the other end loop of your pearl chain (or again, use a jump ring), find the middle loop of your bracelet chain and attach it to the pearl chain (mine was uneven).

6) Attach a jewelry clasp to one end of the bracelet and a jump ring to the other and you’re done!

Edit: I’ve gone back and replaced the term ‘slave bracelet’ with ‘Panja’ since it’s a much nicer name.


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