DIY Chain Collar Necklace

DIY Chain Collar Necklace

So since these fake collar necklaces are so in style lately, I thought I’d make one for myself! It’s extremely easy and costs so much less than buying one! Look below for my tutorial!


  • Chain
  • Jump rings
  • Clasp
  • Pliers

1) Start by making the base of the necklace. Take a piece of chain (how ever long you want your necklace) and attach jump rings to both ends and a clasp and one end. (Photo #1)

2) Attach two chains to a jump ring.

3) Attach that jump ring to the middle of your necklace (in front).

4) Take the loose end of one of the chains and put another jump ring at the end.

5) Attach the new jump ring to the top portion of the necklace, choosing how wide you’d like the collar loops to be. (Photo #2)

6) Repeat with the other side.

Voila! Your very own collar necklace!


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