Monthly Archive: October, 2012

DIY Metal Bow Tie Necklace

This DIY is very similar to the collar necklace I made a few posts ago. It does look a little like a collar also…but it’s not! It’s a bowtie I swear! Anyway, this… Continue reading

DIY Lace Shoulder Top

  This is a DIY I came up with the other day when I realized I have a lot of extremely boring tops…now before you say anything-these are tops I wear with leggings… Continue reading

DIY Chain Collar Necklace

So since these fake collar necklaces are so in style lately, I thought I’d make one for myself! It’s extremely easy and costs so much less than buying one! Look below for my… Continue reading

DIY Woven Bracelet

I apologize for not updating for a while! I’ve had a lot going on, but I should be posting more regularly again! I also went back and rephotographed so of my products and… Continue reading