DIY Silhouette Art Frames


DIY Silhouette Art Frames

So these came out a bit like they should be hung in a little baby boy’s room, which wasn’t exactly what I was going for. Apparently my favorite animals are very boyish…plus the blue. I’m not sure what I’m going to do with them now, but they are adorable…Anyways, you could follow me and make these for a kid’s room, or you could change it up with different colors, animals, etc. I’d like to eventually make some more of these that are actually suitable for me. Look below for the tutorial!


  • Scrapbook fabric
  • Frames (Goodwill has tons for extremely cheap prices)
  • Glue/tape
  • Scissors
  • Silhouettes printed out
  • Anything else you’d like to use (lace, glitter, beads, embossing, etc.)

1) Find/buy/decide on which frames, scrapbook paper, and anything else you’ll be using.

2) Choose your silhouettes. Type ______ silhouette into google and find ones that you like.

3) Print them in the right sizes to fit in your frames.

4) Cut out the silhouettes, trace on your scrapbook paper, and cut out again.

5) Cut the background paper for your images (trace the glass of the frame to get the right size).

Those ^^ are all the basic steps, then it changes depending on how you’ll be embellishing your silhouettes. This is how I did mine:

Seahorse) I decided where I’d be placing the lace, then glued both ends of the lace (careful not to glue too much that it shows) and pressed down with wax paper to keep it in place.

Shark) Cut out the original shark shape and then cut another one slightly bigger on another sheet of paper. Then I covered the larger shark with mod podge and sprinkled glitter on top. Then just glue the little one on top of the big one.

Narwhal) I used a semi-transparent piece of scrapbook paper with dots and attached it to the background paper with a small dot in each corner (again careful not to glue too much that it shows).

6) Then just glue or tape your shapes to the background paper and you’re done!

Hang them on stand them up wherever!


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