DIY Lace Picture Frame Earring Holder

DIY Lace Picture Frame Earring Holder

This is another jewelry holder I made a long time ago that I never posted a tutorial for. And stay tuned…there’s one more of these to come! This one is a simple earring holder that I use specifically for post earrings that can’t go on my jewelry tree.


  • Lace (fabric or trim)
  • Picture frame (Goodwill has tons for as low as 50 cents)
  • Staple gun or glue
  • Paint (optional)
  • Screws or nail (optional if you want it to stand up)

1) Choose your frame and paint it if you’d like.

2) Decide how your going to position your lace fabric or trims.

3) Staple or glue to attach to the frame. (Let dry if you’ve glued.)

4) If you want yours to stand up like mine (These can also but hung on a wall with a hook or a ribbon) Attach nails or screws on a slight diagonal.

5) Done!


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