DIY Jewelry Tree

DIY Jewelry Tree

I actually made this a long time ago and just realized that I never made a tutorial on here! I did however do a very short one on my other blog. But anyway, this is the perfect solution for displaying and keeping your jewelry neat and organized, look below for the tutorial!

I’ll also be adding some more photos soon!


  • Sticks
  • White acrylic or spray paint (or another color of your choice)
  • Container/vase for the base
  • Clay
  • Something to fill the base afterwards (I used seaglass)
Please read the notes and suggestions at the bottom before starting your project!

There’s two ways to do this, the first two steps can be done in either order. I did it in the order below:

1) Get your clay and arrange your sticks in it until you’re happy with the arrangement. (Place it in the container to make sure you like it.)

2) Paint your sticks (I used acrylic paint) and let dry.

3) Place the clay and stick into your container.

4) Fill with your sand/stones/beads/seaglass to add weight and cover up the clay. (This step is not completely necessary if your container already has enough weight and/or you won’t be seeing into it from above.)

6) Hang your jewelry on it and you’re done!

Notes and suggestions:

  • When choosing sticks, choose ones that have a lot of branches and little “nubs.” This gives you a lot more places to hang jewelry.
  • When choosing the base for your tree, the wider, sturdier, and heavier the better. Mine was from Goodwill for only $1.49
  • There are many things you can fill the base with afterwards. Sand, stones, beads, seaglass etc.
  • This tree is best for earrings.

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