DIY Tape Magnets

DIY Tape Magnets with Scrapbook Paper

How cute and clever are these magnets? I first saw them here and new I had to make them! Especially since I had just found a sheet of magnet while I was cleaning out our craft drawers. So I decided I would make them for Mother’s Day! And of course I had to wait until that passed..and then of course I forgot about it for some time…but look how great they look!

The Bullseye coloring book page is done by me (haha) and the Mother’s Day drawing is from my sister.

Inspiration: 1, 2 & 3, 4


  • Magnetic sheet of some sort
  • Scrapbook paper (which I used), washi tape, masking tape, fabric, really anything!
  • Glue (if your magnets are not self adhesive)
  • Scissors

1) Cut tape-sized rectangles of choice material (paper, tape, etc.).

2) Apply to magnetic sheet (glue if necessary, mine was self adhesive).

3) Cut out the rectangle(s) out.

4) Cut your ripped tape edges. You can choose to do more random, messy looking edges or do a zig-zag like I chose.

5) Repeat for as many as you want, and you’re done!


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