DIY Embellished Friendship Bracelets

DIY Embellished Friendship Bracelets

I used to make these friendship bracelets all the time, but not like this! I’ve been seeing these all over lately so I thought I’d give it a shot! This won’t be a post where I make a tutorial since I used other blogs’ tutorials for these, so I’ll just be putting the links to those instead! Look below to find out how to make each one of these, plus a few more similar ones I’m going to eventually have to try! (I wish my green bracelet wasn’t hidden in the photo above…whoops.)

The Inspiration: 1, 2, 3, & 4 5 6

Bracelet Tutorials:

1) This one is just a regular friendship bracelet with 3 studs attached, no tutorial.

2) Braided Bead Bracelet from Honestly…WTF

3) This one is the same as #5, but with a ball chain instead of the rhinestones

4) Woven Chain Bracelet from Honestly…WTF

5) Rhinestone Friendship Bracelet from Honestly…WTF (This post has 2 other bracelets as well.)

6) Chain Friendship Bracelet from Stripes And Sequins

Chevon Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

As you can see, Honestly…WTF is clearly the Queen of Bracelets. Brilliant!

And now for some more for you to try! I’ll definitely by trying a few of these out in the future :)

DIY Bracelets

1) Macrame Bracelet from Honestly…WTF

2) Friendship Bracelet With Chain from Honestly…WTF

3) Wish Bracelet from Happy Hour Projects

4) Neon Rope Bracelet from Transient Expression

5) Woven Friendship Bracelet from Michael Ann Made

6) Stone And Leather Bracelet from Happy Hour Projects

7) Braided Hex Nut Bracelet from Honestly…WTF

8) Wrap Bracelet from Honestly…WTF

Well, there you go! That’s enough tutorials to keep you busy all summer! I’ve been wanting to try the Hex Nut Bracelet for quite some time now, just need to get my hands on some of those….And what do you know, Honestly…WTF made it 4 more times on that list!


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