DIY Bottle Bracelet Displays

DIY Bottle Bracelet Display

The inspiration for these bottle bracelet holders is from Decoratrix! I thought it was such a cute idea, but mine doesn’t look as nice as hers because I don’t have nearly as many bracelets as she does. Probably because I never wear them. Look below for some tips on how to do it!


  • Bottles
  • Container that will fit each bottle
  • Water
  • Bracelets

1) Decide what bottles you’ll be using (I used some Foxon Park soda bottles).

2) Drink what’s in them (haha).

3) Wash them out.

4) Put them in the containers and fill with water, both the container and the inside of the bottle so they don’t float up. I don’t know if the temperature matters, I think I used warm water.

5) Leave in the water overnight (or for a long time at least).

6) Easily peel of the labels.

7) Dry off.

8) Display your bracelets!

You could also spray paint your bottles if you want! I almost did, and I might still decide to!


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