DIY Lace Earrings

DIY Lace Earrings

I did these earrings a bit before I started this blog so no ‘step’ photos. But I wanted to share my version of the, originally I believe, Anthropology lace earrings. Look below and I’ll tell you how I did it!

The Inspiration (Clockwise from top): 1 2 3 4


  • Lace with cuttable shape
  • Chain
  • Earring hooks
  • Pliers
  • Jump rings
  • Glue or something to stiffen lace (This is optional, I didn’t need it.)

1) Cut two shapes out of your lace. (This is where you will stiffen your lace if you choose to.)

2) Cut four even pieces of chain.

3) Take two pieces of chain and attach to an earring hook, repeat with the other earring.

4) Attach opposite ends of chain with jump rings to each side of your lace shape.

And you’re done! And if you’re making earrings without the chain, like in 3 of my inspiration photos, then it’s even quicker!