DIY Branch Hooks

DIY Branch Hooks for Clothing, Jewelry, and Accessories

I’ve been waiting so long to share these with you guys! Now they’re finally hanging up and I can! So excited, I love them! They’re my new branch hooks for my room! It’s a pretty simple, quick tutorial. The only complicated parts are the sawing, which I had my dad help me with/do for me. Look below for how I did it :)


  • Branches
  • Spray paint
  • Manual hand saw
  • Electric saw (I don’t know much about the saws, my dad did those parts for me!)
  • Sander/Sandpaper (optional)
  • Things to attach it to the wall, screws and such
  • Retouching paint

1) Find some large-ish branches with smaller ones coming off of them (make sure they’re thick and sturdy).

2) Use, or have someone else use, the manual hand saw to cut of the sections you want.

3) Optional: Sand down any imperfections you want to get rid off.

4) Saw the backs of the branches using the electric saw so they’re flat and can be put against the wall. (This part is tricky so please don’t do it unless you or the person doing it knows what they’re doing. My dad had a hard time keeping the branch in place while he was cutting it. If you or someone you know can’t do this, I’m sure there’s some sort of business you can take it to that can do it for you.)

5) Spray paint them and wait to dry!

6) Attach to wall. (My dad attached them by drilling a hole and then putting screws through them.)

7) Retouch any paint that chipped off and paint over the screws. (My paint turned out to be off-white. Ugh.)

8) Hang whatever you want! Jewelry, scarves, hats, clothes, etc! Or just leave them bare for decoration!