DIY Gold Dipped Rings

DIY Gold Dipped Rings

DIY Gold Dipped Sea Glass and Pottery Piece Rings

So I clearly need to get some silver paint considering the last-however many posts-have been involving gold paint. Or maybe I just need to start using actual colors. Metallic colors….that would be lovely. Putting that on my shopping list now. Anyways! Here’s a tutorial for some gold dipped rings! I used sea glass and a pottery piece. Look below for the tutorial!


  • Gold paint
  • Sea glass, pottery, anything you want to dip
  • Strong glue
  • Little cup (wide enough to fit your items, but not too wide)
  • Ring blank(s)
  • Wax paper

1) Pour your enough paint into your cup to submerge enough of your item.

2) Dip items in the paint.

3) Let excess drip off.

4) Set on wax paper (I moved mine around a few times to get any more excess paint off.

5) Pour any extra paint back into the bottle so you don’t waste it!

6) Let dry completely. (I let mine dry overnight since the paint was thick. Don’t touch it until its completely dry or you’ll ruin the smooth texture!)

7) Glue to ring blanks.

8) Let dry and wear!

The pottery piece I did is by far my favorite! My mom has a TON of pottery pieces and sea glass because she’s always collecting them at the beach. Lucky for my crafts! :)


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