DIY Glitter Reindeer

DIY Glitter Reindeer for the Holidays

Yes, I’m aware it’s spring, I swear. However I’ve been wanting to do this particular project since I first saw a glitter reindeer in a shop in 2009. And here I am finally getting to it in the middle of spring! But hey, I was at Goodwill yesterday and found this little guy for 99 cents and had to get him.

The Inspiration (Clockwise from top): 1 2 is my image taken in a shop in 2009 3 was found from google images from that blog (linked), but I can’t find where they’re actually from.


  • A reindeer
  • *Some form of glitter

*Here it depends what kind of glitter you choose to use. I just used regular glitter and mod podge to stick it on. But it was a mess. And sort of still is because every time I touch him, glitter comes off, but I do love the way he sparkles and the texture he has. I considered going out and getting the Krylon Glitter Spray and sealant I’ve heard they have. That’s looking like a real good idea now…I may just go out and get the sealant to see if it will hold the glitter on. Anyway! Use either one, your reindeer will look amazing either way!

Things that I had to do that you probably won’t have to do: Remove any crap attached, like mine had. Wash your reindeer if he came from some place like goodwill…Fill anything up will clay (mine had a hole from where I unscrewed the candle part).

Tutorial for glitter & glue:

1) Apply glue with paintbrush in a small area (this is so it doesn’t dry while you’re trying to get the glitter on, like it did for me).

2) Apply glitter to that area.

3) Repeat. (You may have to wait for parts to dry before you can completely finish it.)

4) Shake off excess sparkles and wait for the holidays to come!

Tutorial for spray glitter:

1) Spray on glitter.

2) Let dry.

3) Spray on glitter sealer.

4) Let dry, and again, wait for the holidays to come!

My little guy is hanging out in a cubby in my room because he’s too pretty to be put in a box until the holidays!


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