DIY Ring Holder Display

DIY Ring Holder Display

I made this DIY ring holder a while ago based off Peachfizzz‘s tutorial that you can find here. I took photos of the project as I was doing it, so I thought, why not post a tutorial of my own? Look below to read it!


  • Felt
  • Cloth (your choice of color(s))
  • Lace (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Double sided tape (or glue)
  • A box or box lid

1) Cut felt to fit your box width-wise (you can always trim it later, so don’t worry too much about having it perfect).

2) Tape one side of your felt with the double sided tape.

3) Start rolling the felt from the other side. (If you’re using tape, it doesn’t hold too great, but it does the trick, just be careful.)

4) Do this with every piece of felt until there’s enough to fill your box.

5) Do any trimming necessary to make them fit in the box well. (I trimmed both the ends, as well as going back, un-taping, and cutting off some of the rolled felt because some pieces were thicker than others.)

6) Take the rolls back out and wrap them with fabric.

7) Optional: Repeat with lace.

8) Put them back in the box

9) If the box is too high (like mine was) cut some excess off the top. Careful not to trim it too low.

10) Put your rings in and display!


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