DIY Wooden Star Constellation Bib Necklace

DIY Constellation Bib Necklace

DIY Wooden Star Constellation Bib Necklace

A beautiful constellation around your neck! I had to think of something to do with the giant bag of wooden stars I had laying around! I still have enough to make about ten more of these necklaces…

Caution: This necklace is very fragile, I’m trying to come up with something that will make it stronger.


  • Wooden stars (if you don’t have/can’t find these, you could always cut them out of cardboard!)
  • Gold paint (or colors of your choice)
  • Paint brush
  • Jewelry eye pins (or some type of thick-ish wire)
  • Round nose pliers (optional depending on what eye pins you’re using)
  • Strong? glue (I used a hot glue gun)
  • Chain
  • Necklace closure

1) Arrange your stars until you find a formation you like.

2) Take a picture so you remember how it was.

3) Paint stars, at least front and sides. (I did the backs as well.)

4) Arrange your stars again in the formation you liked, but on the back side.

5) Start gluing the straight eye pins on (see photos for how I glued mine, it got a bit harder and messier after the first few).

6) Make loops on your eye pins or wire material.

7) Glue to each side of pendant.

8) Attach chain to each side.

9) Attack necklace closures at the back.

Viola! If yours is as fragile as mine, be very gentle with it!


One thought on “DIY Wooden Star Constellation Bib Necklace

  1. Looks great, I’m planning on make this for my Halloween costume. The only thing I’m confused about is the chain. If it clasps at the back how did you attach each end to the stars?

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