DIY Geometric Triangle Necklace

DIY Geometric Triangle Cardboard Necklace

This is my triangle necklace inspired by the one here at Urban Outfitters for $29. (I plan to make a real DIY version of that one later on, I’m lacking the metallic paint right now so I used colors.) Look below for my tutorial!


  • Paint
  • Gloss paint (optional)
  • Paint brushes
  • Cardboard, plastic, or wood
  • Glue (I should have used strong glue, but I didn’t want to deal with the smell..)
  • Needle or something to puncture a hole with
  • Jump rings
  • Chain

1) Cut out your three triangles. Use your first one to trace the rest so they’re even.

2) Paint them, back, front, sides.

3) Optional: Paint over with gloss paint to add shine and durability.

4) Decide the order you’d like them in.

5) Glue the backs together.

6) Use your needle and place it where you’d like your hole, hammer it down gently with something (I used the end of a flat paint brush).

7) Attach jump rings and chain!


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