DIY Cardboard Box Organizer

DIY Cardboard Box Organizer for Make Up or Desk

This is something I made for my sister as a present for her new apartment. It was originally supposed to be a make up organizer, but it could really be used as any kind of organizer; desk, jewelry, etc.


  • Boxes
  • Hot glue
  • Paint
  • Scrapbook paper
  • Trims (optional)
  • A sealant (I used mod podge, but I don’t suggest it. It worked well, but dried very streaky. Make sure it will cover paper and not soak into it.)

1) Choose your boxes and play around with your boxes until you have them arranged how you like.

2) Take a picture so you can remember how you arranged them.

3) Paint the boxes.

4) Take a piece of scrapbook paper you’ll be using and trace the bottom of a box.

5) Cut it out.

6) Carefully trim the edges until the piece fits neatly in the bottom of the box.

7)  Repeat for all of your boxes.

8) Optional: Glue on any trims if you’re using them.

9) Cover all of your boxes, inside and out-including the scrapbook paper, with a sealant to prevent paint chipping and to make everything more durable.

10) Hot glue all of the boxes together, one by one.

11) Done!


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