DIY Jewelry Displays

DIY Jewelry Display Organizers

So this post is a general post about a bunch of jewelry displays I’ve made recently. I don’t have much of a photo tutorial for this one, but if you look just below the photos I’ll tell you briefly how I’ve made some of them!

Quick Tutorial #1-The Candlestick

I was going for a similar look to this one from Spill the Vintage here.


  • Two plates
  • A candlestick (or something similar)
  • Strong glue (I used amazing household goop, worked great!)
  • Spray paint in your choice of color (I used gloss, not semi-gloss)

1) Go shopping and find your plates and candlestick! I went to goodwill, they have so many choices and I got all three pieces for less than $4!

2) Glue the bottom plate and the bottom of your candlestick together.

3) Repeat with the top plate and top of your candlestick.

4) Let dry. (24 hours completely for the glue I used.)

5) Spray paint it, and voila! Jewelry display!

Quick Tutorial #2-The Teacups

I got this idea from El Brooklyn Taco who got her idea from Urban OutfittersYou can find her photo tutorial here, and her finished product here.


  • Teacups (also from goodwill)
  • Plate or dish for the base
  • Again, strong glue (I used the amazing household goop for this as well)
  • Spray paint of your choosing (Again, I used gloss, not semi-gloss)

1) Try to play around and visualize where you’ll be placing your teacups on the dish.

2) Once you’ve got an idea, start with your first teacup(s) and mark each edge you need to glue with a sharpie.

3) Apply to those areas.

4) Stick together.

5) Hold.

6) And repeat for as many teacups you’re using!

7) Once everything’s dry (24 hours again for my glue), go ahead and spray paint!

8) Once that’s dry start hanging your jewelry!

The other displays pictured:

  • The nicely shaped bowl (just spray painted white)
  • The little stand holding my rings (also just spray painted) I’m not sure if I’m done with this one, I’d like to add something else to it.
  • The “coral” looking dish was just a plate and a pretty candle holder on top (didn’t glue or spray paint).
  • Little dish (as is)
  • And the already white tea cup

All of the items in the photos were found at Goodwill! (With the exception of the glue and spray paint found at Home Depot.)


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