DIY Geometric Wooden Ring

DIY Geometric Wooden Ring

This ring was based off of this necklace from Laura Lombardi. I plan on making this necklace as soon as I find square rods like those! Otherwise I may just use these cylinder ones. Look below the photos for my tutorial!


  • Wooden rods of some sort
  • Masking tape
  • Ring blank
  • Clear paint
  • Paint brush
  • Glitter (I used very fine glitter)
  • Average glue (I used tacky glue)
  • Strong glue (used my handy dandy amazing household goop again!)
  • Scissors, clippers, or something like those (I don’t recommend clippers, they pinch the rods at the end)

1) Cut the rods to the sizes you’d like.

2) Arrange them how you want them to be.

3) Use the masking tape to hold one side together while you glue the other.

4) Once glued and dried, peel the tape off. (Be careful, if the glue isn’t dry when you pull the tape off it will pull the rods apart from each other. I know because I’m not patient so that’s what I did.)

5) Paint the rods on newspaper or scrap paper (I used wax paper so the glue wouldn’t stick. Again, because I wasn’t patient and didn’t let it dry.)

6) Mix together your clear paint and glitter. Make sure it is very saturated with glitter.

7) Do a few coats until you like how much it sparkles! (Remember to paint on the side that had the masking tape, not the glue.)

8) Glue the side that was already glued, onto your ring blank.

9) Let dry (I did this time.)

10) And wear!


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