DIY Geometric Nebula Earrings

DIY Nebula Space Geometric Earrings

The original earrings are from Drown Jewellery; click here for the rest of the collection. I wish I knew how much these earrings cost, but unfortunately I can’t find them anywhere. However, Alegorie has what I believe is the current collection. Earrings there ranging from $69-79.

Scroll just past the photos for the tutorial!


  • Cardboard, plastic, or wood (I used cardboard)
  • Scissors
  • Paint
  • Paint brushes
  • Sponge/sponge brush
  • Glue of your choice (I believe I used tacky glue)
  • Glossy paint (optional)
  • A thick sewing needle (or something like it depending on the material you choose)

1) Cut out your shape for one earring, then trace it and cut out your second.

2) Once you have the two base shapes, trace your shape again and then take it in a bit to create your top shape.

3) Give all four shapes a base coat of black: front, back, and sides.

4) Start painting your space design! Start with your darkest color first and make sure to blot your sponge/spongebrush on newspaper before putting it onto your shapes. This way you’ll get a more natural texture.

5) Continue this using your colors from dark to light until you’re happy with how it looks.

6) Add some little white dots with a small paintbrush to look like stars. I wasn’t able to do the “shining” stars because I couldn’t find a paintbrush small enough.

7) Optional: Go over all four pieces with your glossy top coat. There are two photos in the gallery above showing what it looks like with and without the glossy coat. (I almost like the matte black look on the base shapes, but decided to put it on anyways because it makes the pieces more durable.) Let dry.

8) Once dry, use the thick sewing needle and place it where you’d like the hole to be. Use the handle of one of my brushes to tap it like a hammer until it goes through completely. Be careful with this though, because if you’re using the cardboard it may easily “pucker” where you’re trying to puncture the hole.

9) Glue your two pieces together. Let them dry!

10) Attach a jump ring and an earring post and you’re done! I didn’t have any posts to glue a black circle to, so I just used my silver ball studs, which I actually like better!

Another way to make these would have been to just print out a photo of a nebula to glue on instead of painting it. I plan on trying this later on! And using plastic instead of the cardboard (my original plan until I couldn’t find any.)


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